Artezanos at MiamiGreen June 11-12 2009

Introducing The Industry's Most Lightweight Prevegetated Green Roof System

Wall of Wind Research Initiative

This new Wall of Wind testing facility at Florida International University, the first-of-its-kind, will revolutionize our building construction and retrofitting practices.

Univision 23 Featuring Artezanos Lightweight Green Roof

At this years Miami Green show on Miami Beach, Artezanos introduced some revolultionary new ways of thinking about green roofing systems. Introducing a brand new hybrid roof system with seamless photovoltic and horticulture upgrades

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Green Roof Horticulture

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The System is ready to install for as low as $2.50 s.f

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The Advantages

Easy to Install
100% Recyclable
Energy Efficient
Low Life Cycle Cost
Uses Less Materials
Fire/Hurricane Resistant
Retro-Fit Upgrade