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Barrel Tile

The breathtaking Tuscan beauty of Artezanos Barrel tile is reflected on each property it adorns. The many colors achieved through firing in our authentic beehive kilns allows nature to create our Terra-Cotta blend. When authenticity is sought after, these tiles can be creatively installed in a manner reminiscent of Old World traditions. Double perimeter eaves, varying headlaps, oozy mud work create your crown jewel.

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Artezanos Sustainable 
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Italian Pan

Also known as tegula or embrice, this type pan tile dates back to greek and roman antiquity. It is characteristic of modern and traditional Italian roofing to this day from central to southern italy. The utility of the Italian pan tile is very economic to install using less pieces of convex cover tile by increasing the distance between them. The stability & reliability achieved using the italian pan tile is second only to its authentic charm.

Artezanos Sustainable 
			Handmade Pan Tile

Spanish "S" Tile

Our Spanish “S” tile was developed for those with the desire to have a rustic look but for some unforeseen reason, whether it be a budget constraint or not so visible roof line, is not willing to sacrifice the ambiance of a high profile barrel tile. The use of our specially made eave line boosters can add dimension and an authentic Old World detail once only thought achievable with a traditional barrel tile.

Artezanos Sustainable 
			Handmade Pan Tile

Antique Restored Tile

Antique handmade roof tile can be recycled and re-used for the preservation of authentic architecture.Artezanos a proponent of the reuse of old tiles. However, they should only be used as the decorative cover piece and should not be used as an expendible pan tile. It has been proven that the antique handmade barrel roof tiles have withstood the "test of time" and have been mandated in the State of Florida Building Code as an acceptable practice for re-use and re-installation on those structures that originally bore them. It is not uncommon to find examples of 500 year old roof tiles on 90 year old architecture in Miami!

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The Advantages

Easy to Install
100% Recyclable
Energy Efficient
Low Life Cycle Cost
Uses Less Materials
Fire/Hurricane Resistant
Retro-Fit Upgrade

& Approvals

Class A Fire Tested
Wind Tested
Miami Dade County Approved


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