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The “Universal Hybrid Roof Tile System”

The new Sustainable Hybrid Roofing System is a new green and environmentally friendly roofing system developed by Artezanos Inc. and Conservation Energy Roofing Systems.

The Universal Hybrid Roofing System takes a traditional clay barrel tile, and combines it with the use of an aluminum pan called the Universal Pan, the end results looks and feels just like a traditional tile roof, but with some incredible benefits and upgrade options.

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Affordable, and easy to install

It is 100% recyclable, energy efficient, guaranteed to last for generations, and has one of the lowest life cycle cost of any roofing system.
It weighs less than half of a traditional barrel tile roof and uses less materials. It is fire & hurricane resistant and perhaps most importantly, allows for the seamless integration of horticulture and photovoltaics.The patented "Universal Hybrid Roof Tile System" is light weight (approx. 400 lbs per square) and has been simplified for easy low cost installation without sacrificing our traditional aesthetic.

						Roofing Projects

The "Universal Hybrid Roof Tile System" can be used on historical projects where authenticity is of utmost importance as well as new construction and re-roofing. A welcome benefit would be the retro-fit application of such a system over existing asphalt shingle roofs, whereby the system could be upgraded to include solar, green roofing while enhancing aesthetic, thermal insulation and wind-uplift values.
With use of the "Universal Hybrid Roof Tile System" provided by Conservation Energy Roofing Systems LLC.,one can experience unlimited design versatility by utilizing any kind of barrel roof tile regardless of size and shape. Many dissimilar shapes and sizes can be mixed together to create personalized works of art and promote the use of salvaged and discontinued barrel roof tiles for that special "LOOK". This "Universal" feature also creates the continuity needed for emerging P.V. technologies to scale the market without sacrificing aesthetic design flexibility.

We have created a disaster resistant,100 year, recyclable, panelized , easy to install traditional roof tile system that can support aesthetically integrated photovoltaic and green roofing technologies

						Roofing Projects
The "Universal Roof Tile System" has passed ASTM E-108 Fire Testing and is Class "A" Fire Rated. It also has the highest Wind Uplift rating using the AH-160 Poly foam Adhesive.

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The Universal Hybrid Roof Tile System

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The Advantages

Easy to Install
100% Recyclable
Energy Efficient
Low Life Cycle Cost
Uses Less Materials
Fire/Hurricane Resistant
Retro-Fit Upgrade

& Approvals

Class A Fire Tested
Wind Tested
Miami Dade County Approved


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The Universal Hybdrid Roof Tile System
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